Insider Ownership

Name Relationship / Title Current Shares Trading Activity
abbasi sohaib Director 8,045 View
albrecht w steve Director 11,188 View
alexander delisa Officer 60,090 View
Chau, Micheline Director 36,793 View
Clarke, Jeff Director 9,621 View
cook mark Officer 0 View
cormier paul j Officer 181,387 View
cunningham michael Officer 62,085 View
enzweiler mark Officer 0 View
Fox, Marye Anne Director 36,551 View
Gupta, Narendra K. Director 7,345 View
Kaiser, William S. Director 196,592 View
livingstone donald h Director 2,478 View
oberoi arun Officer 55,379 View
peters charles e jr Officer 74,652 View
Shelton, H. Hugh Director 25,891 View
stevens brian Officer 137,968 View
Whitehurst, James M. Officer 381,086 View

Stock transaction information provided by EDGAR Online. Red Hat, Inc. makes no representation or warranty with respect to any of the information contained herein, takes no responsibility for supplementing, updating or correcting any such information and shall have no liability with respect to any such information. This listing does not include derivatives, such as stock option grants or shares purchased through an employee stock purchase plan. For recent transactions, including derivative transactions, see our Section 16 SEC filings page.

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